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Michael H:

"I had just suffered a right side stroke. My wife was very concerned about my high blood pressure and the residual effects of my stroke. I am a 30+ year senior paramedic and peace officer. My first visit to Kun's office was very impressive. She took time to find out what my health problems were and went right to work on addressing my specific needs. Her caring and professional response to my problems was and is beyond my wildest imagination. From a baseline BP of 160/90 mmHg, her "magic" acupuncture has lowered my baseline BP to 120/68 mmHg. She has also treated me for my diabetes, bad back problems, and the most recent fall from the roof of my house. Every visit to her office begins with a screening of my current health conditions. This is important, as my wife has nicknamed me "Calamity Mike" because I tend to be an accident magnet. The depth and breath of her knowledge never ceases to impress me. I am a very grateful recipient of her medical expertise and caring manner."

Bill G:

"Had a wrist pain from work. Went to see rehab and tried physical therapy. It didn't help that much. The doctor said I had a choice between surgery which he thought it wasn't necessary or acupuncture treatments. Needles of course were better than knives! Tried first time. I didn't feel anything strange with 5 or 6 needles in. After the treatment, felt great and the pain was less noticeable. Went back for a few times and the wrist pain was completely gone! Her needles rocked!"

Jenny E:

"The office was nice and clean. The individual patient' room was "decorated" with soothing music. The therapist was nice and seemed to have a good medical background. Price was reasonable. The treatment relieved my back pain and made me sleep better at night (which was a bonus). I went because of chronicle back pain but recently I went just to relax. Thank you!"

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